Treasure Chest Bar

Only open Tuesday night ping pong, 5:30 to 8:30 and Friday 6:00 to 11:00, open jam

This spacious, rural, countryside bar has some charm and real attractions as a place to have a cold beverage and exchange in conversation.  Our beer is cold, its cheap, and its diverse; both domestics and crafts.  We also carry soda pop, water, and chips.  It is a cans only place for safety of glass breaking and also we recycle all of our cans. And its open, when its open.  That is the hours.  It is a weekend bar, corresponding to it being where you pay for your fishing or camping tickets, and also when something is going on.  A game, our friday night jam, friends stopping by, its not packed day after day.  It is a bar in the middle of nowhere but not too far.  And pitch a tent afterwards, drunk driving is against the law.

The 3000 sq foot bar, plus another 1500 sq foot patio, is a great location for hanging out, attending one of our events, or hosting your own there.  It features the following besides the great views it affords to the lake, forest, and farm:

  • Entertainment: two TV’s with Direct TV cable service, pool table, antique bowling machine, ping pong table, and juke box with classics
  • Stage and dance floor with the all-important disco ball
  • Seating at the bar and throughout with tables
  • Tips for Tree Planting jar: your tips go towards tree planting
  • Murals and art
  • Horseshoe pits and corn hole sets

Around the bar we have ample parking and grass space.  You can sprawl out around it, sitting under the covered patio, which always seems to have a breeze on our steamy summer days, or play in the grass.  Tents are setup to create even more shade during our larger events and the back porch and inside the bar both host music, food, or education events.


Again its cans only and its a bar, so bring your own is not allowed.  You wouldn’t walk into any other bar with a beer in your hand, and the relaxed and countryside atmosphere does sometimes confuse people with that.  But please support us through buying your beer here.  We have normal domestics for $2 (actually owned by multinational corporations, your bud or miller is not so american) and focus on crafts from two states, Kentucky and Colorado.  Our Craft brands and prices are the following:

  • Great Flood from Louisville $3
  • Braxton from Covington  $3
  • West 6th from Lexington  $3
  • Country Boy from Georgetown  $3
  • New Belgium from Ft Collins, CO  $3
  • Breckenridge Brewery from Littleton, CO $4 for 16 oz

We do get kegs for draft beer during our larger events from these same companies or beyond. We usually don’t do specials or happy hours but on occasion it does happen.


We have a friday night open Jam and when its music show or a festival its a blend of reggae, bluegrass, americana, or a variant of those styles.