The Area

Simply put- Western Boone Country is a place worth preserving.  Heavily forested, rugged hillsides are the dominant landscape feature here in this area that has lots of development pressure encroaching rapidly.  Located within the greater Cincinnati Region, the lake is easily accessed from this heavily populated region.  You can get there from I-275 which pretty much every exit off of this loop is developed.  However not the Petersburg exit, which is great because you feel like you are in a much more remote area but don’t have the trouble of an extremely long drive if you live in this area.

Petersburg, KY is the nearest small town only two miles away.  Petersburg is a river town built on a prehistoric settlement for its advantageous perch above the Ohio and flat territory. It is a historic town with many buildings from the 1800’s still remaining which you see as blue dots in this figure.  The town is very quite but one can stroll through here and see some old architecture.  You can consult the Boone County Heritage Tourism map for an inlay of all the buildings.  The Lake is featured on this map as well because of its long time presence for recreation in Boone County. A recent addition ot the Petersburg exit is the Creation Museum.  Besides that there is not a whole lot going on in the immediate area besides people living quitely amongst forest and fields.  Further on down the river is another historic river town called Rabbit Hash. Deemed the center of the Universe by a documentary about the towns unique election of Mayor, Rabbit Hash is full of charm and nice spot to stop in the area.  It actually has the oldest running genral store in America and despites its proximity to the Ohio River it has managed to not float away due to some ingenious technology that you can seee on diplay there.

Other places to see in the area include Big Bone Lick State park which has been an attraction for a long time. The megafuana that died out 10,00 years ago in America, would come to the Salt Lick’s for remdies for illness but sometimes would never leave the swamps of the area.  Their skeletons were well preserved and the park has lots of good natural history on display.  Kentucky once had many salt licks and salt springs which were vital for the helath of animals and people because of the mineral concnetrations that salt has.  These resources were so important that the Native Americans had formed treaties to hold Kentucky as a game preserve rahter an area for tribes to settle.  The game concentration here was legendary and they eventually worked out the idea it was better to share than compete over this amazing land and the resources that literally sprang from the Earth.

Cincinnati, OH is the nearest big city equipped with all the cultural happenings that cities concnetrate.  The airport is very close to the lake and the rapidly developing city of Hebron, KY is only 15 minutes away.  Also the same distance away is Lawrenceburg, IN which is home to one of Southeastern Indian’s Casino’s.  All in all this area is filled with plenty of due from Art Museums to an Arboretum.  Check out for more information about Boone County and all that there is to explore as there is plenty.

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