The Seasons

Being a place of natural beauty, the privilege to watch the seasons change here is an amazing treat.  Whether it is the maples and the dogwood in the fall or the bloodroot and trout lilies in the spring, Crouch’s Treasure Lake has a continual show of brilliance.

On the back part of the frozen lake

Winters slumber still brings days of beautiful sunshine to enjoy the shadows and hues that the ice and snow brings.  While Northern Kentucky is not an extremely snowy region, sometimes we do have events that bring us this fresh powder that is great for hiking and playing.  

Spring Beauty, Bloodroot, and Trout Lily all marking the beginning of spring at CT Lake

Each spring the magic of the emerging wildflowers and birds returning from their migration patterns, brings the place alive and welcome the warmth ahead.  The land supports a beautiful display of flowers for months on end whether its in the forest or in the garden.

Summer brings the heat, humidity and the great sunsets that can be viewed at the lake when on the water or shore.  Because of the constant rainfall which is highlighted by the amazing summer thunderstorms, the place remains green and vibrant during this hot period.

The jungle-like atmosphere of the summer

Some hillsides one can enjoy the delight of the maples while some others stage the brilliant dogwood change that makes them so popular that people plant them in their front yards.  Fall is a special time in this region, with migration happening again and the lake used as a stop over as well.

Falling Temperatures and Falling Leaves

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