The Lake


Whether its a steamy fresh morning like this picture above, or seeing wildlife lake side, the 12 acre lake is a place of stunning beauty. Coming here is not just about fishing but simply being as it is a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy time to yourself or with others.


Drone image showing the front bowl of the dam and bar and farm, proximity to the Ohio River, and the surrounding forests

 A Reality Note about the Fishing at Treasure Lake

This lake is not your typical pay fishing lake and requires a knowledge of fishing unlike most lakes.  The truth of the matter is that most pay lakes dump fish into them at a very unhealthy rate analogous to feed lot operations of industrial agriculture for meat production.  This lake asks you to move around, to find the habitat where fish are hiding around the brush piles and downed trees.  The front bowl, while easily accessible doesn’t have that much habitat making it the area where you are least likely to catch fish.  We also don’t dump chemicals in the lake to manage water quality meaning you will have to deal with abundant aquatic weeds at times during the year.

Physical Lake Description

After being rebuilt in 2001, the lake fills a valley just a half mile from one of the great rivers of North America, the Ohio River.  A large dam wall was constructed with earth and clay from on site that dry dusty summer.   This is what gives the deep bowl its 25 feet depth in the front which is eastern edge of the lake.

The front bowl contains the spillway which helps to regulate the height of the water in the impoundment.  It is a narrow channel, acting as a stream way for excess water evacuation.  The spillway is a cool feature because it leads to the waterfall but also is like a mini-cut in the hill.  This allows visitors to get a closeup look of the geology and the layers of limestone that are there.The front half of the lake is still quite deep but does gradually shallow as you move west towards the back of the lake.  It immediately gains a sinuous coast mimicking the lay of the land as water is the ultimate level, showing exact contour lines over large landscapes.  You can fish easily from the banks on the northern slope as this ridge is quite gradual and well orientated for fishing.  Access is very easy with our bridge over the spillway. We have placed numerous brush piles and felled several large trees to create cover for the fish and make your success more likely. We also have an aerator to bring more oxygen into the lake and de-stratify the temperature layers.

Right in the middle of the lake it doglegs and takes a more northerly angle forming the back part of the lake which is much shallower.  The back has lots of edge with many coves which are good fishing spots.  This part is surrounded with thick forest but small clearings make fishing possible from the banks.

From the banks of one of the back coves looking towards the front of the lake

From the banks of one of the back coves looking towards the front of the lake

Many of the coves have fallen trees or submerged habitat to attract the fish as they congregate close to structures quite often.  So be careful of them because you can get hung up in them but fishing them can be rewarding.

Whether it is hiking, fishing, birdwatching, or photography, the setting here of the lake is going to put a smile on your face at some point from its beauty.  So come out and enjoy a show like this sunset below.


18 thoughts on “The Lake

    • You can’t really do a loop because the water extends on the neighbors property. But you have access on both sides.

  1. I have fished this for more than 40 years it has some huge bass in it I hope you all catch and release to catch another day lots of bluegill & crappie the crappie will be 9 inches up to 16 so for a nice get away and a mess of panfish I give this lake a thumbs up randy j see ya there

  2. What kind of camping spots do you have? I assume no water or elec hookups? How far from parking are the camping spots?

    I assume fishing is additional from the camping price? ($12+$10?)

    • we have ridge tops that are perched above the lake. They are rustic with no toilets nearby but up at the bar. No water, no electric. Fishing is additional. We are filling up so give me a call if you would like to reserve one. We have a nice one that is well shaded with easy access to the water. Cleared on the top with shade trees overhanging much of it with a large fire pit. give me a call at 859 586 5542 as i will not be on the net till tomorrow again. Thanks

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