The Events

Event Rental and Collaboration

From time to time, we host events or the lake and its facilities are rented out for events.  We have hosted weddings, birthday and graduation parties, music festivals, and benefits of all sorts.  With the tavern featuring restrooms, refreshments including beer, and a nice outdoor patio which has seating and grills, the facilities are there for a great event in the countryside in a beautiful location. Flat mown areas around the bar allows for space to spread out and kids to play as well as play on our two cornhole sets.  We have plentiful parking in a flat field adjacent to the bar making big crowds easy to handle.  This is of course complimented by the lake and its fishing opportunities but also hiking through the forest and down to the waterfall.  The perched ridge tops offer rustic campsites and allow for the overnight aspect of an event to take place.

We also host our own events mostly centered around music and education.  It’s a great venue for recreation outside of the cities around and immersion in nature.  People love to come out to the place to escape the city and suburbs and not have to drive far away.  This hidden corner of Western Boone County offers just that with forests and the water creating a serene place to simply be but also enjoy the events that are happening. Along with the setting, we are happy to help you line up a bluegrass band that are our good friends and virtually neighbors for your event if you so desire.  Also we can obtain a 40 x 40 event tent for a great price.  Keg beers can bought also through us and we are happy to work with groups of all sorts.

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For rentals please contact us at 859 586 5542 or fill in the form below.


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