Events and Evental Rental

Upcoming Events:

  • TBA



Event Rental and Collaboration

From time to time, we host events or the lake and its facilities are rented out for events.  We have hosted weddings, birthday and graduation parties, music festivals, and benefits of all sorts.

Our facilities offer the following:

  • The 3000 sq foot bar with a license to serve beer. It also has restrooms, seating, pool table, antique bowling machine, and an indoor stage.
  • an attached 1500 sq foot patio with seating and grill
  • flat mown areas around the bar for recreation and rented tent setup space, with sandy soil for easy drainage
  • grassy parking lots which hold over 100 cars
  • easy access to lake, waterfall, hiking trails, and campsites

Treasure Lake Events

While we focused on many a music/ cultural events in the past, education and consciousness building events in now our jam.  However, years of experience of event production allows us to bring forth events that are more holistic.

Flyers of some of the past events below

For rentals please contact us at 859 586 5542 or fill in the form below.





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