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Crouch’s Treasure Lake

2590 Lawrenceburg Ferry Road

Petersburg, KY 41080

859 586 5542

Email Doug at or contact form below or through our facebook treasure lake kentucky

Closing announcement- Pay Lake and Bar are closed.

What started with my grandparents Everett Lee and Mary Carol’s dream of a fishing lake and bar, became Crouch’s Treasure Lake. They have been gone for quite some years and while we tried to keep their dream alive, it was indeed their dream. With this we announce our official closing. The lake will not be reopening this year nor the campground. The bar will be closing slowly with regular service only Tuesday ping pong night. Thank you for your support over the years and the place will continue to evolve into something. What that is, well we must wait and see. Its not over, its just changing.

The view and bird feeder

Event Rental- Call for Prices


Just outside the I-275 Loop

The lake can be accessed from the I-275 loop that encircles the tri-state area of Cincinnati, OH. From I-275 take the Petersburg exit. If you are coming through Indiana it will be the first exit after the bridge or in Kentucky it will be the last exit in KY, two past the airport. Go West, take a right from either direction, off the exit onto KY 8 which turns into KY 20 1/2 mile down the road. Follow that for 4 miles in total. Turn right on Lawrenceburg Ferry Road after you go through a couple of tight S-curves and flatten out to the bottom. Then follow that for about 1 mile past houses and cornfields on the left and drive through the forested section. You will see a driveway forking to the right after a small bridge and the sign for Treasure Lake. Go right up the hill and the tavern will be on your left while the private residence will be the small cabin straight ahead. Please stop at the white farmhouse building.


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      1. take 75 down through the city and then head west past the airport and get off at the petersburg exit. Follow that down for a bout 7 minutes and once you have gone through a set of tough s curves you will flatten off at the bottom. Then turn right onto lawrenceburg ferry road. Follow that back for about a mile going past the houses and corn field on your left then go through the forest and you will see our sign for treasure lake up on the hill when the road forks. Go up the hill and the bar is one the left where you will want to stop and check in please. thanks

    1. 21 inch crappie caught last week. Lots of bluegill of all sizes being caught right now. Hope this helps.

      1. Sorry we don’t carry bait in the moment, but we do allow boats. Really great way to enjoy the full 15 acres. See you soon!

    1. We open when you come, can always come and collect money and issue fishing ticket when we get out about to the fields and forest.

  1. Are you still open I was over there in July 2 days in a row and could not find anyone there so I waited for about 3 hrs then left. I loved the place and want to do some camping there.

    John M.

    1. It’s a private lake that has a pay fishing license meaning you buy a 10 dollar pass to get in. no license needed, cash only.

  2. Are you guys open??? I see a lot of comments from 2013 but your lake seems like a great choice for me and my boys, especially since we’re only 30 minutes away in Florence.

    1. We sure are, please come see us! 2014 has been a good year so far for people catching fish with an 8 lb bass being the biggest. Lots of crappie and the bluegill and catfish are starting to pick up as well.

  3. Beautiful photos of deer, butterflies, turtle, and other wildlife! Very interesting work you’re doing to maintain the land!

  4. This is my first hearing about this lake. It seem like a very nice place indeed. I loved reading the history on it. I was wondering is it still a good place to fishing for slab crappie? I fish primarily for crappie so I want to catch for slabs. Is this a good place for my wife and I to come?? Also whats the bag limit and when are you open year around?

    1. It is a great place. I have been adding fish attractor brush piles and feeling trees into the lake to make it easier to find those crappie. It is still a good place but rumor is someone cleaned us out a couple of years ago by going over the limit. Unfortunately it happens when you dont police the place, but we just want people to be and not have someone watching over the shoulder. Limit is 15 per type of fish. it is a great place to come but you have to be willing to move around as its a big lake and has many niches to fish from. we will be opening on the weekends when the weather is good again. Seems like these days it happens later and later each year but in late march/ early april is our goal. cheers

  5. Can you park your truck with truck camper next to lake and spend the weekend? Great lake I used to go to closed in Eaton OH, gentleman elderly, Just catch and release and relax!

    1. yes you can indeed, but we dont have water and electricity hookups as its much more primitive so…. but plenty of fish to catch and release thats for sure

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