Our Activated Missions

There is an enormous amount of dynamic energy flowing all at once here, so many different angles and leverage points.  Below is a list of most of it as our vision of being true ecological

Hands on

stewards and drawdown champions is truly active.  If you would like to join by booking an event here, attending an event here, purchasing plants at our regenerative nursery, or volunteering on these missions to learn and give back, please contact us.


Really it all starts here, as Doug’s work since 2001, has created a curated forest experience.  While parklike in some ways and wild in others, he seeks to find the perfect balance between both.  This mission is activated through his movement called Active Forest Enhancement and involves both cutting and planting all in a rhythmic way. Doug’s main focus has been curating what he calls Paw PawParadise here at the lake.

Regenerative Edible and Native Nursery

One of our new businesses here at the lake is our nursery, both personal and in collaboration with the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute.  Our main focus is edible and useful plants but also a selection of native plants. The aim is to bring resilience to the landscape through food production and habitat for our wild creatures.  You can become a spoke in the great wheel of the local foods movement through purchasing out plants and installing them in your landscapes.


From the eco forestry, there comes the foraging of wild foods and medicines. Our woods are rich with fruiting logs of wild chicken of the woods and oyster mushrooms, fruiting paw paw and spicebush, and patches of bloodroot and black cohosh. This is also one of our main educational programs because we love the wild foods and the culture that comes along with it.


Our tree crop development gives edges to the forest and fields to enhance beauty, provide food, and attract pollinators.  We have lofty future goals in this category with extensive gardens, holistic animal husbandry, and orchards planned.  Farming is about production and scale and while we do have one beehive now, that needs to be scaled.  While we do have numerous fruit trees, nut trees, and berry bushes, it all needs scaled.

Community Building

With its past of being a bar, this place has always been a sort of community center.  It still is a hub for gatherings and its not just about what we do here on the land, its about also helping others.  We have numerous others within a stones throw or just a few miles who are into both Permaculture and community development. So we cycle energy, we help each other out, and we grow together.

Education and Events

We offer a variety of classes and experiences to learn from this site, seasoned teachers, and land steward Doug Crouch.  Not only are there formal classes and events, there are also Permaculture action days and volunteer opportunities. Our vision is health and wellness, consciousness growing, and our classes will not only be geared towards the environment but also self growth and community building. Read more here.

Recreation and Retreat

Whether its trail hiking or getting out on the boat or dropping a line in the lake, there is plenty to see and do here.  However to really enjoy this place there is a certain amount of stillness that is required to tune into the wildlife and in particular the dazzling bird life. Our events combine with this and give space for you to be.

Permaculture Development

Permaculture and its holistic design science and philosophy of zen living is our overarching development goals.  It is about energy efficiency and abundance of yields.  And no this doesn’t happen overnight, its long term, it works with nature rather than against. It includes growing spaces, habitation, infrastructure, renewable energy, holistic animal husbandry, and more.  Some facets we are further along than others and the development ahead is an exciting road to say the least!

Motif planning for our 60 acres through Permaculture Design
Motif planning for our 60 acres through Permaculture Design

Fish and Wildlife Management

Our mission is activated for humanity and ourselves but is bigger than just us.  It is also about giving back to a planet, an ecosystem, a place, a micro scale, after a legacy of degradation. We use specific techniques to enhance these and aren’t afraid of fishing and hunting for our sustenance. Also working on working quality in this enormous watershed is vital through our one rock dams and large woody debris jams. Read more here.

Thus we invite you to participate in whatever capacity fits for you! Fuel this regenerative project with your energy whatever that looks like!

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