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Hidden in the hills of Northern Kentucky, Treasure Lake is Kentucky’s largest pay fishing lake and gives a

Drone image of the farm, bar, valley stage, house, and the front part of the lake

serene natural setting for fishing and recreation.   The property is 60 acres of land that holds a 12 acre lake with an irregular shaped coastline and varying depths.  If there was a ranking category for fishing lakes it would be measured as difficult as the shape of the lake requires you to move around the lake to find the right spot depending on the fishing conditions of the day. Furthermore, forested hillsides surround the lake and create the ambiance of being immersed in an area that is remote and secluded.  However, Hebron, Kentucky, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio are all very accessible with the later being only 22 miles away. On site we manage our natural resources organically to enhance the natural capitol that is abundant here as we steward the water body, the forest, and the flat fields that form Dark Wood Farm.

Treasure Lake is a family owned business operating for 34 years now in Petersburg, KY in Boone County.  On site is a large clubhouse/bar for entertainment, refreshments, and tackle and can be rented for parties, benefits, or weddings.  The

tabor bass treasure lake


lake itself is an earthen dam placed in a small stream flooding backwards away from the Ohio River which is less than a half mile away.  There are naturally occurring fish such as crappie, bluegill, and largemouth bass while catfish are stocked.  A mowed field around the clubhouse provides other recreation opportunities while the forest is being actively managed for native forest biodiversity and wildlife.  Lastly, flat ridges perfectly jut out towards the lake providing space for comfortable camping and leisurely hiking with lots of wildlife and an ever changing landscape with the seasons.

Please click on the tabs at the top of the page for more information about various aspects of the Crouch’s Treasure Lake as the place has a diversity of recreation options to keep the family entertained for a long time.

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7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Been trying all day to get in contact using the phone number listed no answer can anyone tell me is the place still open ?

  2. hi out there, came by sunday early evening, just for a quick look, saw the club house was open, but my geand daughter had to be home or i would have came in for a chat, was wondering what the limits are on that pretty lake, and where can i slip a flat bottom boat in(trolling motor only)? it was very nice out there.

    • Thanks for coming out and seeing the lake. I can get back to on the limit. I believe there is no limit. The best place to put a boat in right now is near the spillway towards the front bowl of the lake. Next time your out someone will be able to better guide you.


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