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Both peaceful and exhilarating

Hidden in the hills of Northern Kentucky, Treasure Lake gives a serene natural setting for education and recreation. It is a family owned business since 1983 in Petersburg, KY (Boone County), a short drive away from most in the Cincinnati Tri-state region off of I-275, exit 11 Petersburg. While it once was a pay lake, bar, and music event center, those have all faded away to regenerative recreation and education. Now the focus is the curated forest and fields, the experience of being here, and the knowledge that comes through.

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On site we have many natural and man-made features for recreation and education:

  • 12 acre lake with trails around most of it
  • Forested hillsides with rustic, not primitive, campsites (only for events, not open to public)
  • 3000 sq foot bar with beer and a 1500 sq ft patio off of that. Rentals for events are possible such as outdoor weddings, birthdays, etc
  • Organic, local foods farm: Dark Wood Farm, brand owned and operated by Leasie, Annie Woods
  • 40 plus acres of Ecologically Stewarded Forest and watershed
  • Educational Opportunities and Gatherings, guided tours
  • Grassy Open areas that are mainly flat with well drained sandy soil

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Address: 2590 Lawrenceburg Ferry Road, Petersburg, KY exit 11 I-275 in between Lawrenceburg, IN and Hebron, KY

Drone image of the bar, valley stage, house, and the front part of the lake, and Dark Wood Farm

The property is 60 acres of land that holds a 12 acre lake with an irregular shaped coastline and varying depths. Furthermore, forested hillsides surround the lake and create the ambiance of being immersed in an area that is remote and secluded. However, Hebron, Kentucky, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio are all very accessible with the later being only 22 miles away. On site we manage our natural resources organically to enhance the natural capitol that is abundant here.

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